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Welcome to this Saffold History site. In this site I have attempted to compile some of the information I have about Saffolds from the past. It is only a small sliver and at this point related to my own line of descent only.

The Saffold Name

The Saffold surname is said to have originated in Germany, but the first ancestors to migrate to the United States probably came from Essex, England.

A Family Tree With Many Branches

Family trees grow and extend in complex ways. There are only a few twigs listed here. Over the years I’ve encountered Saffolds of different races. My ancestors were white. Black Saffolds abound. I once met a Chinese Saffold in an Asian city which I found most interesting. He had no idea how he came to bear the name.

Would You Like to Add an Article?

I invite anyone who has information about Saffold history and genealogy to submit an article. Suitable submissions should be reasonably well-written, focus on historical facts, and maintain a tone of respect toward others. All who carry the name Saffold are welcome. There is no need to prove a link to any of the people listed here. Add submissions as a comment or mail them to me at guys@saffold.com.

About Me

I went to college with the goal of being an Electrical Engineer, studied Physics which was said to be good preparation for that career, but ended up going to seminary where I met my wife with whom I eventually took up the pastorate of a small church in North Vancouver, British Columbia. It was a long way from Manhattan where I was born! After a few years I was led to join a tiny fledgling junior college with the great ambition to become a university. Twenty-seven years later Trinity Western University was a strong and accredited institution with more than 3,000 students. If you join a university community you are likely to end up on the road to more degrees. I completed a doctoral program in Leadership in 1988. Currently I work as Executive Director of Ministries at Power to Change, in Langley, B.C.

A Picture of Roots

The photo on the head of the site was taken in 2006 in Perth, Australia. I was greatly impressed by the powerfully spreading roots of this large tree. It seemed an apt metaphor for a site on family history.

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